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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Currency prices are affected by a variety of economic and political conditions. The beginner trading forex currency should take note to probably the most important influences to the currency prices are interest rates, international trade, inflation, and political stability. Governments participate in the foreign exchange market to influence the value of their currencies. The governments flood the market with their domestic currency in an attempt to lower the currency price or conversely, buying in order to raise the price. This is generally known as central bank intervention. The beginner trading forex currency should be aware that large market orders can cause high volatility in currency prices. Due to the size and volume of the forex market its impossible for any entity to drive the market for any length of time.

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In the new millennium, the Forex trading has become accessible for an individual investor or small group of investors. In the current scenario, investors reap many benefits from Forex trading than stock market, e-mini futures and such other trading. Today mostly traders are choosing Forex trading than stock trading because there are approximately 4,500 stocks listed on the New York Stock exchange. Another 3,500 are listed on the NASDAQ. In spot Forex trading, you have 4 major markets, 24 hours a day 5.5 days a week. If you are so inclined, you have approximately 34 second-tier currencies to look at in your spare time. You can concentrate on the major forex and can find your trade. When you are investing in forex you can spend your afternoon on the golf course or with your spouse watching movie or celebrating holidays�in short it is easy and hassle free than stock/future market.

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In Forex day trading, you can select your feasible time to trade, as it is round the clock (24-hour) market. The superior liquidity of forex, combined with a true 24-hour forex market that's traded 5 � days a week, offers you exceptional independence and Forex currency trading when you want to, not when the market wants you to. The Forex market literally follows the sun around the world moving from major banking and financial centers of the United States to Australia and New Zealand to the Far East, to Europe and finally back to the United States.

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There are a few methods that are used when forecasting the Forex. Each system is used to understand how the Forex works and how the fluctuations in the market can affect traders and currency rates. The two methods that are most often used are called technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Both methods differ in their own ways, but each one can help the Forex trader understand how the rates are affecting the currency trade. Most of the time, experienced traders and brokers know each method and use a mixture of the two to trade on the Forex.

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Daily Forex Market Commentary for December 1, 2006

Sat, 02 Dec 2006 04:20:00 GMT
GFT Daily Forex Market Commentary for December 1, 2006
Forex Market Commentary by Cornelius Luca, Currencies Analyst, GFT

The dollar made a collapsing decline on Thursday, due to pure spec and rumored corporate orders.

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