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Saturday, April 19, 2008

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That said, the foreign currency trading market is a very lucrative one if you get in on the right foot and with a broker that knows his or her stuff, as it were. Taking the time to find a reputable brokerage firm can make all the different when it comes to diving in to the foreign currency market.
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The Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) fx is the largest financial market in the world. For the beginner forex currency trading has the highest liquidity in the financial market with daily volume in excess of $1.95 trillion. The forex currency trading market is more than three times the total of the stocks and futures markets combined.
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Why should you worry about the price of oil if you're not buying and selling oil? If you're trading currencies, there's one very good reason. Many of the most important currency trading pairs rise and fall on the price of a barrel of oil. The price of oil has been a leading indicator of the world economy for decades, and experts predict that that won't be changing any time soon. The connection between the price of oil and the economy of many countries is based on a couple of simple facts:
- Countries with healthy supplies of crude oil benefit economy-wise from higher oil prices
- Countries who depend on imports for their energy needs benefit from lower oil prices and lose when oil prices rise
- When the economy of a country is strong, its currency is also strong in the forex market
- When the economy in a country takes a downturn, its currency loses value in the currency exchange rate.
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